We propose a new
operational method
that crosses DEX and
Deep Learning

Notice of Website Renewal Plans offered will be updated with the renewal depending on the market condition (price movement).
Members should check the notification.

Statistical Calculation

Calculate Farming pairings and ratios
to minimize risk and execute statistical
trades most suited to the current market

Deep Learning

No human intervention through deep learning The thickness of the board is calculated and operated based on our original chart analysis.

Insurance Tech

By assuming a portion of the investment from
the insurance company Securing principal
and profit without proprietary portfolio with
insurance privileges and structure

About us

Experience as an asset manager Companies

Years of experience in asset management
companies We were running a DEX farming
operation that could only be managed by
referrals from hedge fund brokers who are
responsible for famous athletes and celebrities
due to their many years of experience.

What we offer

Practical configuration

Original Portfolio

Diversified, private, proprietary
portfolios allocated to each DEX
to maintain high liquidity.


Stablecoin is used to rebalance
and recoup interest by investing
in high-yielding areas of the

Discretionary Trading

We also adjust interest rates
through discretionary trading and
keep a daily adjustable APR for

Original Portfolio

Tax-exempt account offers a debit
card based on US dollars with the
name of the asset holding course
after the operation as the name of
the corporation, not the individual

Why Choose Us

Tax-saving measure card

Applications will not be accepted without special credit to the user, but as a special benefit, the tax-exempt account will provide a debit card based on U.S. dollars with the name of the asset holding course after operation in the name of the corporation, not the individual.


We rebalance your assets with our proprietary Deep Learning system.


Frequently Ask Questions


Why does the guaranteed profit vary depending on the type of collateral invested each year?

A1:Depending on the market conditions of USDT, BTC, and ETH in each year, we guarantee the yields we offer to our users. Furthermore, we aim to ensure the highest income gain rate we can earn. The reason for this is to ensure the highest rate of income gain for our clients.


Does the security of principal
include income gains?

A2:Income gains are not included. Instead, it does not include the value of the currency used as collateral. Even if the value of the collateral currency falls, the rate of return and contract rate are guaranteed.


What determines the limit
available on a Diamond member’s
debit card?

A3:As a diamond member,Eligible card holders only,The investment profit of the previous year with the maturity date of February every year is the maximum amount that can be used


What are the conditions for
changing my membership rank?

A4:Default is Bronze, Silver for $30,000, Gold for $60,000, Diamond for $90,000 or moreDebit cards will be distributed after the end of the year to users who have reached the maturity date of one contract and whose available credit limit for the previous year can be calculated.


Are there any conditions or
qualifications to use your

A5 No qualifications are required. If you areaware of our services, we assume that you havea reasonable relationship with a broker or havebeen briefed by someone close to one.